About Us

Brea Joseph

Co-Owner/Make up Artist

As one of KBZ FX's owners and operators, Brea has had extensive experience in the arts since the early age of eight when she became one of the youngest actors ever to perform at San Diego's Gaslamp Quarter Theatre.

While attending The School of Creative and Performing Arts, Brea discovered a passion for the entertainment industry. With four San Diego Music Awards under her belt, as the vocalist for international selling group Deep Rooted and a music video in rotation on MTV, there is no facet of the industry with which she has not become involved.

While making a living as a commercial actor and appearing in ads for companies such as Lincoln Mercury, Popeye's and Mc Donald's, Brea was introduced to military training. By receiving simulated medical injuries as a military training role player, Brea discovered an acting position which aids in training our countries troops before deployment. Brea became fascinated at how the special effects industry has been incorporated into helping our troops better protect our nation. This fascination quickly evolved into a passion and Brea decided she wanted to take moulage to the next level and surpass other companies in the market. She has done special effects make up for agencies such as the United States Marine Corps, Army and Special Forces,EMT and Paramedics, the Canadian Special Forces, the FBI and the 32 Street Naval Base training in San Diego. With each injury hand sculpted by a KBZ FX artist, KBZ creates the most realistic and medically anatomic injuries that can be treated by simulation. Before joining together with Kasey Erokhin, personal make up artist to Academy Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss, to start KBZ FX, Brea was recognized as one of the nation's top up and coming special effects artists by the Sy Fy network, becoming one of the top fourteen artists to compete on Season Two of the network's reality competition "FACE OFF".

Both Brea's professional and personal experiences, with close family member's serving in the military, have helped drive her to make KBZ FX the best company in the business. Understanding the wide range of impact that simulated military training has for our country and its military families is central to this goal. KBZ FX strives for perfection and wants to provide our clients with a product that stands above the rest. Brea is infant and adult CPR certified, as well as certified in administering First Aide Care.

Kasey Erokhin

Co-Owner/Make up Artist

Kasey Erokhin is one of the proud owners and operators of KBZ FX. Kasey has been a special effects and beauty make up artist for the last ten years. Kasey started out in film make up. By the age of 25, Kasey had completed four films. Her work also includes various magazine covers, including Russian Rolling Stones, which was dear to her heart because of her Russian heritage. As a San Diego local, Kasey has worked with San Diego news station KUSI. She had the pleasure of doing KUSI's first ever high definition make up applications. She was able to sharpen her skills using the latest state of the art make up techniques.

Kasey attended school at Make Up Designory in Los Angeles, one of the most significant special effects and beauty training schools in the film industry. Kasey is the personal make up artist to Academy Award winning actor Richard Dreyfuss. Throughout her career Kasey has also worked doing makeup for many actors, including Blythe Danner. After seeing a demonstration of a simulated injury at MUD, Kasey discovered her passion for special effects make up. Slowly she began integrating this passion into her work as a make up artist working closely with the military in multiple training simulations. Kasey has made it a priority to work towards providing all branches of the military, police, and medical officials with the best simulated medical training. In addition, Kasey was recognized as one of the nation's top forty up and coming special effects makeup artists by the Sy Fy network show "FACE OFF"- a great honor and a testament to her skills in the world of film and moulage effects.

Kasey Erokhin and Brea Joseph decided to form KBZ FX because they felt it was their duty as American citizens to provide cutting edge technology of make up effects to our military so they may better serve our country. Kasey's passion and dedication towards helping achieve this goal drives her to make KBZ FX the best moulage training company in the business. Kasey is infant and adult CPR certified, as well as certified in administering First Aide Care.